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Our team has been working side-by-side, sometimes together, sometimes in parallel, for over a decade.  Founded by CEO Dr. Parminder K. Jassal in collaboration with COO Dr. Merrilea Mayo, SocialTech.ai leverages 25+ years of our experiences for each of us in the working, learning and social impact space. SocialTech.ai is focused on scaling the technologies and methodologies we know have made a difference to working learners.  Shift has happened - as the largest percentage of learners in the U.S. (and even larger globally) works at least 20 hours per week while learning. 

This "shift"  is also apparent not only to those in the workforce space, but also to the average consumer, as media  and reality have driven home the cost of higher education debt.  The #1 reason for higher education dropout is "I must work".  

Our flagship product is Unmudl.com - a work+learn marketplace.  We believe that community colleges are the "hidden gem" workforce arm in the U.S.  When employers need training, customized or not, they turn to their regional community colleges.   Unmudl.com leverages our years of research and implementation to ensure an efficient marketplace for the working learner to navigate their futures!

Thank you for joining us on the journey! 

Our Mission is to benefit working learners.

"You either take control of your learning or it takes control of you. It’s that simple." Parminder Jassal

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