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Now's the time to teach online.Get Certified, Get a Job: Learn to Teach Online
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Let's face it - now is a time where we're all transitioning to an online learning environment. If you've experienced an online course and thought to yourself, "I bet I could teach online," then Unmudl has your deal of a lifetime.


YOU can learn to do the teaching with course offerings through Central New Mexico Community College. Find instructional resources and basic how-tos to become an online instructor with any one (or all!) of these six courses. 


Perhaps one particular course piques your interest. If so, take just that one! Take any combination of the six courses, but keep in mind: if you complete all six courses, you will be CERTIFIED in online learning and course instruction.


Introduction to Teaching and Learning Online is a prerequisite for the other 5 courses in this 6-course offering. University teachers at CNM are signing up for this to help prepare for an online world in the fall. If you have no prior online teaching experience, check out this course.


Online Curriculum Design and Instruction is considered the second course in the package covering the basics. There’s a heavier emphasis on content enhancement and creating engaging, unique elements for online courses.


Communication and Engagement in Online Learning is a featured course centered on interacting with learners despite the barriers that online learners face.


Instructional Resources for Teaching Online is the most technical of the course offerings and provides resources for proper citations in online learning materials.


Universal Design - Elements of Accessibility teaches educators how to ensure accessibility in the online classroom to all types of learners.


Assessing the Online Learner is all about providing educators with assessment tools to bring in an online environment.


Discount alert: register for 4 or more classes and get 10% off!




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